Friends at first sight

Finding life long friendships is something I am so lucky to have found in my own life.  I have older friends and newer friends, and I am blessed to know most of them are for life.   What's even more special is when those friends have babies right along with you, and those babies become best friends.

These girls are 7 and 9 going on 15.  They have been friends since birth. I see them together and it reminds me of being with my childhood friends.  I moved away from them when I was 12.  I remember how hard it was to leave. I remember how important it was for me to try to keep those friendships alive.

 I wanted the girls to have these photos.  So one day,  when they're each others bridesmaids and/or maid of honours at their weddings, they will look at each other with tears in their eyes and smile, remembering how long they've been there for each other.   

Tanya BiglieriComment